Many men assume their pant size is their waist size.
When measured at the belly button the waist can be 42″ even if the pant size is 36″. The belly hanging over the belt is something to worry about.
Abdominal or Visceral fat is linked with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and Type 2 Diabetes. In women, it is associated with higher risk of breast cancer.
If you find your middle expanding you need to make it a priority to get rid of the excess fat.

Here are 7 steps to get rid of belly fat and reduce the risk of health problems.

  1. Measure your waist at the belly button. Check every 2 weeks. Target to keep it under 35″ if male and under 31″ if female.
  2. Incorporate full body strength training 3 times a week. As we age, we lose muscle mass which accelerates fat gain.
    Strength training increases muscle mass and helps in reducing body fat. “Abs” exercises will not help in spot reduction. Full body compound exercises are effective in achieving a healthy body composition.
  3. Increase protein and vegetable intake. Reduce refined carbs and sugar. Cutting down on packaged snacks like biscuits and desserts will result in faster reduction of belly fat.
  4. Reduce sitting time. Look for reasons to get up every 30 mins and move around. Put reminders on your phone.
  5. Earn your food. Eat according to your activity level. Overeating and under moving contributes to an expanding waistline.
  6. Liquid calories should be totally avoided. Fresh fruit juice is not a healthy option when you are trying to lose fat. Water is your best choice.
  7. Walk for 30 minutes daily at a brisk pace. Even on Sundays.

If you are planning to take a break from working out, make it an active rest vs complete rest.
Start following these steps from today and let us know how many inches you were able to lose in a month.

Sonam Mehra
Nutrition & Fitness at Small Spoon Pte. Ltd.
The founder of Small Spoon Pte. Ltd. and the 7 Daily Moves app is Sonam Mehra. Sonam Mehra is a fitness entrepreneur based in Singapore. She founded Fitness 365 in 2005 and Small spoon in 2015. Both offer personalised plans that help people stay young and healthy by making fitness a way of life. Sonam is a globally traveled health coach who guides and motivates her clients to live a healthy life by making exercise and healthy eating a priority. She gave up a long advertising career to switch to her passion and has since transformed the lives of over 500 global clients.