It was fascinating to watch Satya Maushi at the age of 60, effortlessly mopping the floor while squatting for about an hour. She was chatting with me with a relaxed heart rate.
While most people can’t squat below chair level, she was very comfortable in that position moving across the floor like a monkey. Her legs & hands gliding in perfect co-ordination.
Modern lifestyle gives very little or almost no opportunity to sit below chair level. On average, an adult spends 10+ hours sitting on a chair or a couch. This leads to loss of strength and mobility in the lower back and gluteal muscles, impacting a basic natural function – the squat.
A flat-footed squat has several benefits: increased hip, knee and ankle mobility; reduced lumbar compression; better bowel elimination and stronger abdominal muscles. It is also used as a birth position to make labour easier and faster.
In many Asian countries, vegetable, fruits and flower sellers sit comfortably in a squatting position on the street.

“Squat Mopping” requires a lot of flexibility, mobility, balance, strength & endurance. Satya Maushi does this 6 days a week. Imagine how strong her core and lower body muscles must be!

Incorporating bodyweight functional movements in your workouts will challenge your entire body and burn lot of calories.

Try “Squat Mopping” at least 2 times a week if you want to be as fit as Satya Maushi at 60!

Sonam Mehra
Nutrition & Fitness at Small Spoon Pte. Ltd.
The founder of Small Spoon Pte. Ltd. and the 7 Daily Moves app is Sonam Mehra. Sonam Mehra is a fitness entrepreneur based in Singapore. She founded Fitness 365 in 2005 and Small spoon in 2015. Both offer personalised plans that help people stay young and healthy by making fitness a way of life. Sonam is a globally traveled health coach who guides and motivates her clients to live a healthy life by making exercise and healthy eating a priority. She gave up a long advertising career to switch to her passion and has since transformed the lives of over 500 global clients.